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Service for Printing Houses

Creating individually printing plates for test run
Analysis of current printing state
Print run with individual created printing plate



The team from U. Günther GmbH creates the best possible conditions for you to be able to carry out your work to the highest possible standard and therefore deliver a perfectly printed product. Our services go far beyond those of a pre-press business in the conventional sense. We offer:


Perfect print data:

If you wish, we will advise your end customers during creation and then prepare individual data files that are optimised for the chosen print method using our SmartColor system. In this way we can create the best possible conditions from the start.


Customised printing plates:

We produce superlative-quality printing plates through the interaction of a wide range of factors, such as high-grade materials, cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our staff across a huge variety of fields. However, a crucial factor is that we are familiar with the specifications of your special printing presses. Our experts come to your premises and verify your machines' characteristics so that they can then adapt the printing plates specifically to you and thus achieve a standardised print process.


Presentations to new customers:

Particularly in the case of an order or enquiry from a new customer, there are a lot of questions and parameters that need to be clarified and fixed. We function as a mediator in this, presenting your qualifications as a new printing house to the customer, and enable you to clearly differentiate yourselves from the market standard.


Maximum Efficiency:

We manage the technical implementation of customers' printing jobs to produce the best and most economical result. There are potential savings to be made wherever time is expended, such as in set-up times and service life, as well as in ink usage. At the same time, print quality and solid densities can be improved. Our team will optimise your machine's potential for use.

We follow the entire printing process and act as a point of reference for both printer and print buyer. In this way, both sides can achieve the utmost satisfaction with maximum efficiency.

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