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Intaglio is a direct printing method. The word intaglio is an Italian term meaning “engraved”. The type of intaglio printing most frequently used in packaging printing is rotogravure, in which the image carrier consists of a separate engraved cylinder for each colour. The printing elements lie recessed in the gravure cylinder, which is produced by engraving with a laser or a diamond tool, or by chemical etching. All three processes create depressions, known as cells. To print, the entire cylinder is inked and the surplus ink removed with a doctor blade. There is now only ink in the cells, in the areas that will ultimately print. During the printing process, the ink in the cells is transferred through a combination of its own adhesive power and the substrate's suction power.
Gravure is predominantly used for large print runs that require high quality, as the production of the gravure cylinder is significantly more expensive than for any other print method.


Applications for gravure printing: films | film composites | labels| paper

Our services in this sector: process management | data management | reproduction | colour management | printing supervision | print approval | samples

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