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Data processing matched to print spezification
Data processing matched to print spezification

The term repro covers all the tasks that are required for print-specific data processing as direct preparation for printing plate imaging. Maximum precision and a thorough knowledge of the separate printing presses are essential at this stage.

Our printing plates are characterised not least by their high-quality workmanship, long-lasting precision and perfect adaptation to the printing environment used. We achieve this because we set high standards for our repro department and because we already coordinate at this stage all the necessary details with the printing company that will be producing the job. Our print consultants not only oversee the actual printing process but are already involved at this stage, to check requirements on site at the printers and to synchronise the printer standards with our repro department. Thanks to this close collaboration, we are able to produce printing plates that are individually tailored to the specific printing processes and machines, and guarantee a constantly high quality.

The staff in our repro and printing-plate production departments harmonise the printing company's requirements with the interests of the brand manufacturers and design agencies. In doing this, they not only rely on tried and trusted practices but also optimise the existing processes and develop new ones, in order to achieve an even higher quality with an improved workflow. They create customised colour profiles that are more comprehensive and more detailed than the standards currently in use on the market.

Approval of final artwork with standardised light
Approval of final artwork with standardised light

Final Artwork

Creating the final artwork for the print data is a crucial step to obtaining perfect results. We enhance the design data for every print method, with current software e.g. Adobe Creative Suite and esko ArtProt, while our final artwork takes into account all print-specific requirements. Particular attention is paid to the following points:

  • Trapping: creating spreads (overlaps) and chokes (underlaps) to avoid white-space
  • Colour matching and composing
  • Use of the latest screen technologies

In this way, the final artwork is adapted to the respective printing conditions and to the overall product range. In order to achieve optimum machine utilization, we prepare a best-possible sheet layout for printing. This creates the necessary conditions for a stable printing process and ensures the repeatability of your printing jobs.




It is important to us to identify this very precisely, as every printing press is different and unique. With a “fingerprint” for each machine for which we produce a printing plate, the machine-specific characteristics can be defined and taken into account when preparing data files and colour profiles.

Our fingerprint procedure forms the cornerstone of our colour management. The fingerprint is created by printing individually developed test plates, using the respective standard parameters. It is important that the machine's settings, substrates used, colour sequence and any finishing work correspond to the future print specifications. A subsequent evaluation of this fingerprint enables us to identify the printing machine's technical characterisation data.

Proof with simulation of the substrate used as reference for print run
Proof with simulation of the substrate used as reference for print run


We produce proofs so that the job can be checked prior to printing. These advance reproductions of the print results serve as a reference for production printing. The proofs represent the conflation of all the work from artwork, repro and fingerprint. For a realistic reference print, we produce our proofs as:

  • GMG contract proof in accordance with the ISO coated standard
  • 1:1 dot proof
  • Print substrate simulation – transparent film, silver foil, white background, etc



A solution that offers our customers further advantages is our remote proofing service directly on the customer's premises. We bring the proofing machine to you. This saves you time, money and long transport routes.



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