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Here at U. Günther GmbH in Hamburg, we are experts in pre-press for the packaging industry. For us, pre-press is the connecting link between the print buyer and the printing company, and has the task of setting the crucial markers for a perfect print result. We therefore see our work not purely as craftsmanship but rather as a service that enables faultless communication between design and production.



The dolphin as symbol of our own work attitude

The definition of the dolphin in management studies accurately describes our self-conception. We are a collective in which every single member maintains his or her individuality at the same time as using his or her skills to the best possible advantage as a part of the whole. In this way all the members of our team complement each other and achieve maximum efficiency within our broad scope of activities. Our staff are our capital, and our success is purely down to their ability to constantly re-adapt themselves to the changing conditions in the printing industry through their specialised knowledge.

The dolphin in our company logo represents our clear identification with this self-conception and stands, among other things, for:


  • Flexibility: We quickly adjust to changing demands and find the solutions, which we ourselves constantly re-assess, that enable us to modify our practice whenever necessary.
  • Ambition: We take great satisfaction in winning in a team, where the team consists of the print buyer, the printers and ourselves as the service provider. We win when the end result is a product that satisfies everyone.
  • Spirit of cooperation: We enjoy collaborating with others, but are also perfectly able to work alone.
  • Visionary: We approach our work with vision and passion, with an aim to setting new standards in the industry.  
  • Elegance: We favour precise, clean and above all simple – in other words, elegant – solutions that take all the participants into consideration and guarantee a methodical approach.

Out of a passion for exceptional print results

Our customers deserve high-quality, cost-effective solutions. And our employees provide them. Specialists from all branches of print and media technology, from repro artworkers to flexography experts, pool their knowledge to approach each new task with great passion and find the best possible conditions for your printing.

We go on site on your behalf, because optimal results are our goal. With sites all over Germany, we are always close to you and can respond swiftly. Please put us to the test.



Print Management & Full-Service Prepress for:




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