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Ulrich Günther recognised that the crucial factor in good packaging printing is an accurate printing plate that is perfectly adapted to the chosen printing method. He also saw that there was a big gap precisely in this area, the interface between the designer and the printer. He himself had the specialist knowledge and the passion needed to fill this gap and founded his company in 1968. He was quickly able to expand and take on more staff.

From the beginning, Günther and his medium-sized family business focused on growth through their own efforts, and employee development. This remained the case when, in 1974, he changed the company status from sole proprietorship to GmbH, and relocated the company headquarters from his "kitchen table" to its current location. Since 1996, Peter Tarnowski has continued to lead the company in accordance with its founder's ideals.

The desire to constantly improve on pre-press can still be felt in the company today. In 1999, for instance, U. Günther GmbH was one of the first to change over from analogue to digital in the manufacture of large-format plates for direct printing on corrugated board. Existing processes are constantly being re-examined and rethought. Thanks to this evident passion, the firm has earned itself the role of market leader in several segments and, as a technological leader, has advanced to become a pioneer in the industry.

Similarly, because we act as the link between brand manufacturers, advertising agencies and printing companies, we understand the needs of the different parties involved and are able to create solutions that more than satisfy all parties. This ability has allowed us to work with many of our customers for many years so that our shared development has led to better and better results and more possibilities in packaging printing.

The construction of a Germany-wide partner network has also contributed to this development and creates more added value for our customers through the clever use of synergies. Our merger with the pre-press houses Klischee-Anstalt Cl. Jaehde GmbH in Berlin (2009) and Korn-Klischee GmbH in Bovenden, Göttingen (2013), has led to greater knowledge and higher capacities, as well as giving us more direct proximity to our customers. It has made us into a dynamic group of companies.

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